After graduating from High School, Emilie went to the ‘Free University of Brussels’ where five years later she obtained a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy.

In her 5th year at the Free University of Brussels, she specialised in the Manual Therapy on the human body and graduated in 2015 with distinction.

In the Faculty of Medicine of the Free University of Brussels, Emilie obtained also an Advanced Master of Science in Manual Therapy in 2016.

The same year, she chased her true dream following also the courses at the Ghent University to become a Horse Physiotherapist.
Finally, her biggest passion became reality.

Emilie started working as a physiotherapist and manual therapist for humans, horse physiotherapist and at the same time she studied another specialisation; Animal Physiotherapy for Dogs and Cats.

Emilie worked during two years as animal physiotherapist / Hydrotherapist in 'Het Waterhof'.

Today she has her own practice for animal physiotherapy, manual therapy and laser in Huldenberg called HippoPhysio.