Emilie with a dog

Family dogs or sport dogs and even helping dogs can suffer from heavy pains or articular blockages that can evolve to limping, difficulties to stand up from lying position or sitting position,
difficulties to sit, hard walking,…

Young dogs often get an early diagnosis of ‘Hip Dysplasia’. Lots of people don’t know the positive effect of animal physiotherapy for building strong the muscles around the hip joint.

Thanks to the physiotherapy the muscles will become a good support for the joints, which will be loaded in a more efficient way. The dog will be free of pain for a longer time and surgery can often be postponed or even become unnecessary.

Emilie with a dog

Older dogs often suffer from arthrosis which makes them walk with more difficulty or even limp. They easily enter in a vicious circle of wrong body use and maintain likewise their pains and complaints. Frequently there is already a big difference after 3 treatments by Emilie Depasse. The dog will be able to enjoy his daily walks again in a lot of cases.

-Ruptured cruciate ligaments, luxation of the hip, a broken leg,…- these are repeatedly seen in all different types of dogs. Their specific morphology give them all more risks to different kind of injuries. The injuries above need a surgical operation to help the dog. The operation alone doesn’t guarantee the resolution of the problem.

The operated dog needs to be adequately rehabilitated to reach a fully completed healing process. Assuming that the dog will use his paw again is in many cases short-sighted and will lead to a dog that uses his body differently and overloads elsewhere.

After surgery, it is often advisable to do physiotherapy with your dog. Many veterinarians already refer to a physiotherapist after surgery.

The limbs, the back and the neck need a certain mobility, stability and flexibility to be capable to function properly. The muscle building is also a very important part in the physical therapy.

Emilie Depasse wants to offer the dogs an optimal quality of life again. How amazing is it if your dog can run again with pleasure and no longer moans / beeps in his dog bed?!

Emilie with a dog

The interesting thing about animal physiotherapy is that there is a lot of collaboration with veterinarians.

Emilie keeps your vet informed about your animal's rehabilitation through medical reports.

Emilie's courses are always up-to-date and supported by scientific research.

Emilie with a dog

My goal is not only to help the dogs, but also the owners. I want to give them the pleasure of enjoying endless walks or giving them the opportunity to play again with their dog. Therefore, I focus on every aspect of rehabilitation.

This means in an anatomically correct way, work on muscle building, stability and flexibility, but also work on prevention of injuries for the future.

A good warming-up, structuring the exercises with the necessary rest in between and the cooling down are essential and are included in the therapy.

I aim to achieve this goal with the help of my knowledge of human Physiotherapy, Manual Therapy, Horse Physiotherapy,
Dog / Cat Physiotherapy and a personalised research, specifically per dog.

In 2016 I created HippoPhysio to treat any type of horse from young to old and from recreation to competition horse. I continued a specialisation to be able to rehabilitate dogs, cats, ...

Emilie with a dog