‘Kinesitherapie’ is the Belgian and French name for ‘Physiotherapy’. The Greek verb ‘kinein’ means ‘to move’.

Physiotherapy thus literally refers to the study of movement to accelerate and optimise a medical and rehabilitation process.

The Physiotherapy includes a study of anatomy, physiology, immunology, biometrics, biochemistry, neurology, biomechanics and many more …

With the following symptoms, your horse is eligible for Equine Physiotherapy:

In Animal Physiotherapy, various technical devices are used such as ‘Electrotherapy’, ‘Ultrasound’, ‘Laser’, ‘Shockwave’,...

These can be good therapy methods, but with Emilie a treatment is always with inclusion of manual therapy.

She strives for a high quality of manual treatment.

During the animal physiotherapy, the musculoskeletal, neurological, vascular and lymphatic systems are triggered together with the cardiorespiratory system of the body.

Each patient is different and receives from Emilie a qualitative personalised approach.