Emilie Depasse is a qualified physiotherapist, manual therapist and animal physiotherapist (specialised in horses, dogs and cats).
Emilie speaks fluent Dutch, French, English and a little German.

I've always been surrounded by my best friends: horses, dogs and cats. I grew up with a raging but amazing sweet Beagle, Rouky.

When I was 6 years old our kitten, Garfield, joined our family.

After Rouky, who never became 13, we adopted Frisby, a beautiful Dalmatian with a strong character. Due to a health problem, my best friend died at the age of 7.

Very soon after Frisby we adopted Zita, again a Dalmatian with a great healthy portion of energy! She is the perfect dog to run for miles, she is also always in for hugs.

In 2004 my brother and I got our horse, meanwhile, Okay is 19 years and enjoys a beautiful life on the meadow.

Emilie Depasse knew already several years she has a special bound with the animals.
She is very lucky she has been able to link her passion to her studies.

Emilie's interests have grown into a specific domain in addition to the animals and the equestrian sport itself; the Animal Physiotherapy including Manual Therapy.

She is fascinated by the anatomy and artrokinematics of the musculoskeletal system, in humans and in animals (mainly horses and dogs), to make them as functional as possible.