Why & when?

HippoPhysio's dog physiotherapy by Emilie Depasse is an efficient therapy that not only focuses on the problems of the moment.

At number one is to Emilie Depasse to obtain a fully rehabilitated dog. The owner receives useful exercises and tips for the moment, but also for the future.

With HipppoPhysio, Emilie Depasse offers clear advice and information to optimise the dog's activity over the next few years.

Exercises to do at home are in addition to the therapy and these give the chance to regain the important balance between the different muscle groups in your dog.

Physical activity like walking is not forbidden after manual treatment as HippoPhysio's focus lies on a good recovery of muscle recruitment.

It is true that the dog may be a bit stiffer the day after treatment.
It is therefore recommended to insert a quiet day in terms of movement.

Some common complaints for which animal physiotherapy is recommended:

If you ask yourself whether animal physiotherapy can help your dog, cat,...
please do not hesitate to contact Emilie Depasse.