Emilie Depasse became an Equine Physiotherapist because she believes that horses are too often given up when they suffer from injuries.

In Europe, Animal Physiotherapy on horses is not very well known as it is Osteopathy, although they have some similarities. On the other hand, in the United States, this therapy has developed enormously.

At this moment the physiotherapy is also developing in Europe as lots of veterinary clinics see the positive impact of a conservative, non-surgical treatment in animals.

In the past 20 years, just as it is in human beings, a conservative non-surgical treatment has been frequently recommended in horses.

Physiotherapy is interesting because of the teamwork with veterinarians.

Emilie Depasse communicates her medical reports to your veterinarian.

The training and courses Emilie does are still up-to-date and these are strongly evidence-based medicine.

Emilie: My goal is to not only help horses but also riders. That’s why I focus on the right way of training the horse, this includes working with your horse with an anatomical correct approach towards muscle build, mobility, stability and flexibility.

I persue this goal with my knowledge gained from the human Physiotherapy, the Manual Therapy, the Horse Physiotherapy,
Dog / Cat Physiotherapy and a personalised research, specifically designed for each horse.

In 2016 I created HippoPhysio to treat all horses, young or old, recreational or competitive.