Horse Physiotherapy

Just like we do, horses can suffer from musculoskeletal injuries.

Horses are beautiful but complex creatures which we need to handle properly. They have been described for centuries as noble animals.

Every horse deserves a fitted and personal approach and Emilie will always take into consideration its characteristics and capacities.

The anatomy and the connected functions of the horse’s locomotor system work perfectly in harmony, if they are correctly balanced.

Riding problems and even problems occurring during the ‘grooming’ and care of the horse could be due to musculoskeletal overload.

Back pains and - for example - a reduced mobility in the cervical spine are frequently found in horses. The reasons can be that the horse has not the perfect body type or it overloads itself on the meadow or while riding.

Pains often occur after an intensive training.
But it will not matter what or who has caused the problem, Emilie will always run a test on the horse and apply a correct technique to treat the injured horse.

Together with the owner and rider of the horse Emilie will check what the horse has been asked to do lately and nextly she will also check how the overload and its complaints can be avoided in the near future;
possibly a decent warming-up and ‘cooling down’, or stretching and exercises.

Acute pains in horses can quickly become chronic.

Therefore, it is really recommended to do regularly physiotherapy check-ups.
Sadly enough, many horses suffer from pains which are not even known.

What Emilie wants to achieve with HippoPhysio is to help the rider to get the best out of his horse by training it in a right way, without forcing it in anatomical uncomfortable positions.