Why & When?

The horse Physiotherapy that Emilie performs on horses - the HippoPhysio – is an efficient therapy that will not only focus on the pain suffered while the test has been performed.

With HippoPhysio, Emilie offers a clear information and advice to optimise the horse activities also in the future.

In addition to the treatment, she always recommends exercises for the horse to enable him to reach again the important balance between the different muscles.

Motor workouts are very important after a manual treatment since the focus of HippoPhysio lies on a proper muscle rehabilitation.
After the treatment, riders can ride again their horses almost immediately.

According to Emilie, it is often useless to keep the horse in the stable a day or two after a successful treatment.

She will give instead tips and exercises to make good profit of the performed successful treatment.
The rider will then be able to train himself and the horse in a correct way.

Some frequently-seen complaints for which Equine Physiotherapy is indicated:

If you’re not certain if Equine Physiotherapy can help your animal, do not hesitate to contact Emilie Depasse.