Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a more sophisticated therapy in which each joint part, the major nerves, and even the smallest, deepest muscles are involved in the treatment process.

Emilie Depasse improves the specific rotations and translations of the various joint partners in an articulation during her treatments.

Emilie’s studies made her competent on the roll and glide components of the bone structures in articulations during the movements.
She improves the range of motion of the articulations with her techniques.

The manual therapy sessions provided by Emilie are specifically focused on the rehabilitation of the mechanic function between the different concerned structures.

Naturally, there must be a balance within every musculoskeletal area, between the muscles, the articulations and the nerve tissue. We want to avoid compensation since it regularly causes overload.

Emilie strives to optimise the homeostasis, which means the balance between body and soul from each horse.

Manual Therapy is well known for the manipulations, these can ensure a remarkable relief and sometimes can also bring to a complete recovery.

Before starting the Manual Therapy treatment, some appropriate questions are asked at the owner to obtain an optimal rehabilitation.

In the Manual Therapy the body is more seen as a whole and thereby a holistic musculoskeletal vision is applied.

With the specific manual therapeutic techniques, the pains can be seen in a more detailed way than with the general Physiotherapy.

Many specific techniques that go further than the global physiotherapy, are part of the manual therapy. For example, the Manual Therapy includes intersegment mobilisations of the spine.

With these intense techniques and knowledge the pain can be better noticed and then treated.