Emilie Depasse is a qualified physiotherapist, manual therapist and animal physiotherapist (specialised in horses, dogs and cats).
Emilie speaks fluent Dutch, French, English and a little German.

Since the age of 6 years, Emilie spent hours in stables with horses.
She was only 12, when she got her own horse with whom she has developed a rock solid bond through the years.

She knew for a very long time her home is where the animals are, she succeeded to connect her passion with her studies.

Thanks to the knowledge she gained during her studies and thanks to her experience, she has been able to keep her horse in good shape and fit.

Emilie's interests have grown into a specific domain in addition to the animals and the equestrian sport itself;
the Animal Physiotherapy including Manual Therapy.

She is fascinated by the anatomy and artrokinematics of the musculoskeletal system, in humans and in animals (mainly horses and dogs), to make them as functional as possible.